As a first step i forked the plusjade/jekyll-bootstrap project into MyUserName/jekyll-bootstrap. This gives me the following options

  • change something in the origin code and provide this as a pull request commited into the jb-development branch
  • create a separate branch for my blog
  • cherry-pick my changes into the blog branch
  • update my blog branch with the latest changes from master

Now it is time to create the empty user repository on github, see github help. And clone the content of my jekyll bootstrap fork into

git clone

Then change the github origin to the user repo.

git remote set-url origin

And add my jekyll bootstrap fork as an upstream url

git remote add upstream git://

When i run into the situation that i want to update my blog with the latest jekyll update, i do the following on my jekyll-bootstrap fork

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout
git merge master

Now sync these changes into my blog

git checkout master
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Thats it.